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Levitra Capsules

Levitra Capsules 40mg

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Levitra Capsules (generic name: vardenafil) is a new form of generic Levitra. Levitra is used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) and can help you get and keep a quality erection, so that you can make the most of each sexual experience.

Being slightly more advanced than conventional tablets, capsules are:

- easier to swallow, odorless and tasteless
- able to quickly break down in the stomach due to the special capsule shell formulation
- easier on the stomach with less gastrointestinal irritation

Quicker absorption leads to more rapid onset of action as compared to conventional tablets.

Levitra works as as-needed medication, meaning it should be taken prior to sexual activity.

The efficacy of Levitra was shown in clinical trials. You may notice improvements in both erection hardness and your ability to maintain your erection during sex.

Like other ED drugs, Levitra alone will not give you an instant erection. Sexual stimulation is necessary for an erection to happen. For most men, Levitra did not cause an erection for longer than they were sexually stimulated.

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