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I'm 37 and I live in NY. The life in a big city has both advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage for me is the influence the city produces on my nervous system. Quite often, especially in spring and fall, I become quite irritable and I almost can't control my mood. At these periods of the year I always have Zoloft with me. A little pill of this amazing drug turns me into a cool and reserved man again!  

by J. Dawson, 37

I usually take Zoloft before and during my monthly menstruation because at this time I'm almost helpless in terms of my emotions. And it is not only that life is unpleasant for me during this time but it is also difficult for my friends and my family to communicate with me. Zoloft works perfectly!  

by Caroline Smith, 36

About 4 months ago me, my husband and our four-year-old son were on our way back home from a party when suddenly a dog appeared on the road right in front of our car. My husband tried to avoid the collision but in vain. As a result the dog was dead and our car got into a ditch beside the road. Taking into consideration that it was quite stressful even for me what can I say about the state of my son! Time passed but he still quite depressed and he often screams in his sleep. Our doctor advised me to by Zoloft for him. I give him half a pill from time to time and he definitely feels better. I hope that soon his nervous system would be completely restored!  

by Diane Markey, 41

This site is the only place where I buy drugs. It is very convenient and I really feel that they think about my time and my comfort. I do not only buy medicine of highest quality (particularly Zoloft) but also enjoy the attitude towards me as a client. Thank you guys!  

by Bruce Gordon, Melbourne

I don't have bad mood swings and don't cry as much anymore, so I think this drug is doing its job!  

by Erica, USA

Zoloft pulled me out of depression at the time when I was really suicidal. Everything seemed to be falling apart. This drug has saved my life and brought me back into the real world.  

by Scott, 31, Houston, TX

Zoloft has changed my attitude to life to something more positive. I'm not completely happy yet but I believe it's just a matter of time. I can already feel the joy of living and being myself. I used to be crying for days and nothing would help... This is a kind of a miracle drug for me.  

by Paula L., 27, NC, United States

Love this, I've only took 1 pill so far and i can feel a difference in myself. Looking forward to the future i shall be ordering more when these have gone.  

by Kieran, GB

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